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The Aerodynamics of Heavy Vehicles

Trucks, Buses, and Trains - 0 - 99999999

Buch von Rose McCallen , Fred Browand und James Ross

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McCallen, Rose
Browand, Fred
Ross, James
Springer-Verlag GmbH
Springer Berlin
Lecture Notes in Applied and Computational Mechanics (Nr. 19)
1140 gr
It is our pleasure to present these proceedings from the United Engineering Foundation Conference on The Aerodynamics of Heavy Vehicles: Trucks, Buses and Trains held December 2-6, 2002, in Monterey, California. This Department of Energy, United Engineering Foundation, and industry sponsored conference brought together 90 leading engineering researchers from around the world to discuss the aerodynamic drag of heavy vehicles. Participants from national labs, academia, and industry, including truck manufacturers, discussed how computer simulation and experimental techniques could be used to design more fuel efficient trucks, buses, and trains. Conference topics included comparison of computational fluid dynamics calculations using both steady and unsteady Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes, large-eddy simulation, and hybrid turbulence models and experimental data obtained from the Department of Energy sponsored and other wind tunnel experiments. Advanced experimental techniques including three-dimensional particle image velocimetry were presented, along with their use in evaluating drag reduction devices. We would like to thank the UEF conference organizers for their dedication and quick response to sudden deadlines. In addition, we would like to thank all session chairs, the scientific advisory committee, authors, and reviewers for their many hours of dedicated effort that contributed to a successful conference and resulted in this document of the conference proceedings. We also gratefully acknowledge the support received from the United Engineering Foundation, the US Department of Energy, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Volvo Trucks America, International Truck and Engine Corporation, and Freightliner LLC.
Proceedings of the "Conference The Aerodynamics of Heavy Vehicles: Trucks, Buses and Trains", held Dec. 2- 6- 2002 in Monterey, California
Aerodynamics and Other Efficiencies in Transporting Goods.- Commercial Vehicle Aerodynamic Drag Reduction: Historical Perspective as a Guide.- The Status of Detached-Eddy Simulation for Bluff Bodies.- Exploring the Flow Around a Simplified Bus with Large Eddy Simulation and Topological Tools.- Unsteady Flow Around Cylinders with Cavities.- Complex CFD for Everyday Use - Practical Applications for Vehicle Analysis.- Large Eddy Simulation of Flow Around the Ahmed Body.- Detached-Eddy Simulation of the Ground Transportation System.- Time Dependent vs. Steady State Calculations of External Aerodynamics.- Aerodynamics of Ground Vehicles - Toward Reliable and Affordable CFD.- Improved Tractor-Trailer Integration and Aerodynamics Through the Use of CFD.- Large Eddy Simulation of Turbulence Via Lattice Boltzmann Based Approach: Fundamental Physics and Practical Applications.- Aspects of CFD Application to Vehicle Aerodynamic Design.- PIV Study of the Near Wake of a Pickup Truck.- Applications of DDPIV to Studies Associated with Road Vehicles.- Molecular Tagging Velocimetry (MTV) and Its Automotive Applications.- Quantitative Flow Visualization for Large Scale Wind Tunnels.- An Experimental Study of the Generic Conventional Model (GCM) in the NASA Ames 7-by-10-Foot Wind Tunnel.- The Measurement of Wake and Gap Flows of the Generic Conventional Truck Model (GCM) Using Three-Component PIV.- On the Aerodynamics of Tractor-Trailers.- RANS Simulations of a Simplified Tractor/Trailer Geometry.- Computational Simulation of a Heavy Vehicle Trailer Wake.- Drag Reduction of Two-Dimensional Bodies by Addition of Boat Tails.- Drag Reduction of a Tractor-Trailer Using Planar Boat Tail Plates.- RANS Simulations of Passive and Active Drag Reduction Devices for a Road Vehicle.- Pneumatic Heavy Vehicle Aerodynamic Drag Reduction, Safety Enhancement, and Performance Improvement.- Base Flaps and Oscillatory Perturbations to Decrease Base Drag.- Use of Computational Aerodynamics for Commercial Vehicle Development at DaimlerChrysler.- Numerical Simulation of the Flow About a Train Model.- Adaptation of Eddy-Viscosity Turbulence Models to Unsteady Separated Flow Behind Vehicles.- Simulation of Vehicle Aerodynamics Using a Vortex Element Method.- Energetic and CFD Modeling Considerations of Thermal Management.- Measurement of Underhood Temperatures with Various Ventilations.- Measurement and Analysis of Underhood Ventilation Air Flow and Temperatures for an Off-Road Machine.- Flow Field and Thermal Management Analysis of an Armored Vehicle Engine Compartment.- Experiments and CFD in Train Aerodynamics: A Young and Turbulent Association Full of Potential.- Recent Studies of Train Slipstreams.- Aerodynamic Effects in Railway Tunnels as Speed is Increased.- Flow-Induced Vibration of High-Speed Trains in Tunnels.- How to Reduce the Cross Wind Sensitivity of Trains.- CFD Study of Side Wind Effects on a High Speed Train.- Commercial CFD Code Validation for Heavy-Vehicle External Aerodynamics Simulation.- Computational Parametric Study on External Aerodynamics of Heavy Trucks.- Applicability of the Vortex Methods for Aerodynamics of Heavy Vehicles.- Development of a Wind Tunnel Model Mounting Configuration for Heavy Duty Trucks..- A Ground-Based Research Vehicle for Base Drag Studies at Subsonic Speeds.- Splash and Spray Measurement and Control: Recent Progress in Quebec.- Wind-Tunnel Evaluation of an Aerodynamic Heat Exchanger.- Automated Driving of Trucks and Buses: Opportunities for Increasing Productivity and Safety While Reducing Fuel Use and Emissions.- Author Index.