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Innovations in Transformative Learning

Space, Culture, and the Arts- Foreword by Stephen Brookfield - 0 - 99999999

Taschenbuch von Beth Fisher-Yoshida , Kathy Dee Geller und Steven A. Schapiro

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Fisher-Yoshida, Beth
Geller, Kathy Dee
Schapiro, Steven A.
Peter Lang
Peter Lang Publishing Inc. New York
Bildung, Allgemeines, Lexika
Counterpoints (Nr. 341)
457 gr
This book addresses the disparity between transformative learning theory as espoused and practiced in the classrooms of the academy, and its application beyond. It articulates new models of transformative education that integrate transformative learning theory with other models of change and development. The three editors and eleven contributors draw on both theory and practice to illustrate how transformative learning has been introduced to a variety of settings and cultures, and synergistically integrated with theories of communication, participatory action research, and communities of inquiry and practice. Organized around the themes of creating space for learning; looking though the lenses of culture, diversity, and difference; and animating awareness through the expressive and performative arts, this collection will broaden awareness and aid scholars, students, and practitioners in using transformative learning as an approach to adult learning and social and organizational change in a range of settings.
Exklusives Verkaufsrecht für: Gesamte Welt.
Information zum Autor
The Editors: Beth Fisher-Yoshida, Ph.D., is the Academic Director of the Masters of Science in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution and is on the faculty for the Continuing Education and the Social and Organizational Psychology Program at Teachers College, Columbia University. She is Managing Director of Fisher Yoshida International, a global consulting firm providing customized responses to organizational needs. Fisher-Yoshida is co-author of 'Transnational Leadership Development' (2009).
Kathy D. Geller, Ph.D., is Director of Organizational Effectiveness for Stanford University. Prior to joining Stanford, she lived in Asia for 10 years serving as Global Head of Management Development for Standard Chartered Bank and as Managing Director for Areté Leadership International. She has served as adjunct faculty at Columbia University's Teachers College and Nova Southeastern University. Geller is co-author of 'Transnational Leadership Development' (2009).
Steven A. Schapiro, Ed.D., is a professor at Fielding Graduate University's School of Human and Organization Development, where he coordinates the doctoral concentration in Transformative Learning for Social Justice, which brings together his interests in liberatory education, adult development, and social change. Among his publications are '«From andragogy to collaborative critical pedagogy»', 'Journal of Transformative Education', 1(2), 2003; and 'Higher Education for Democracy' (Peter Lang, 1999).
Contents: Stephen Brookfield: Foreword - Beth Fisher-Yoshida/Kathy D. Geller/Steven A. Schapiro: Introduction: New Dimensions in Transformative Education - Martin J. Leahy/M. Sue Gilly: Learning in the Space Between Us - Pamela Meyer: Learning Space/Work Space: Can We Make Room for Transformative Learning in Organizations? - Beth Fisher-Yoshida: Transformative Learning in Participative Processes That Reframe Self-Identity - Steven A. Schapiro: A Crucible for Transformation: The Alchemy of Student-Centered Education for Adults at Midlife - Steven A. Schapiro: Section 1 Summary: Creating Space for Transformative Learning - Charlyn Green Fareed: Culture Matters: Developing Culturally Responsive Transformative Learning Experiences in Communities of Color - Ann Davis: Socially Constructing a Transformed Self-view and Worldview - Ilene C. Wasserman/Placida Gallegos: Engaging Diversity: Disorienting Dilemmas That Transform Relationships - Kathy D. Geller: Transformative Learning Dynamics for Developing Relational Leaders - Kathy D. Geller: Section 2 Summary: Looking through the Lens of Culture, Difference, and Diversity - Annabelle Nelson: Storytelling and Transformational Learning - Adair Linn Nagata: Bodymindfulness for Skillful Use of Self - Tiffany von Emmel: Dreamscape: A Multimedia Collaboration Method - Hameed (Herukhuti) S. Williams: Black Mama Sauce: Embodied Transformative Education - Beth Fisher-Yoshida: Section 3 Summary: Animating Awareness Through the Expressive and Performative Arts - Beth Fisher-Yoshida/Kathy D. Geller/Steven A. Schapiro: Conclusion: Educating for Transformative Learning.